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Quantum Sports Medicine™

It's a game changer! It's a disruptor in the sports medicine industry... in a good way. 

Have you been injured? Or do you have chronic pain from old injuries? Quantum Sports Medicine can offer a new outcome. It's effective MindBody Medicine for athletes. 

QSM helps you heal your injuries quickly (often more quickly than conventional methods) and can make you less susceptible to future injuries. It is a gentle, profound and non-invasive, non-drug based modality for healing. It's developed by athletes and coaches -- specifically for athletes. 


Quantum Player Development

QPD™ is a disruptor in the player performance industry, yet also fully integratable with current models. 

We train athletes to access "the zone" in five minutes or less. 

Quantum Player Development™ is a blend of many things. It's a valuable tool to improve player performance.


We use a unique blend of sciences: applied quantum physics, energy medicine, Consciousness-based healing, Quantum Biology, neurobiology,  psycho-neuroimmunology, studies in Consciousness and our own proprietary Sports Consciousness™ & Bio-METAphysical Alignment as the foundation for Quantum Player Development™. This profound system helps athletes be healthy, balanced, excellent and in flow.


Benefits of QSM™ and QPD™

  • Goes beyond basic mental training (the old stuff) to metaphysical training (the new stuff) so you heal faster and win more
  • Clears sports injuries at the root so you get back to the court/field quickly.
  • Clears subconscious belief systems so you play better. End the slump!
  • Improves the way your body handles chronic pain and recurring injuries.
  • Rids (most) athletes of bad attitudes 
  • Helps eliminate addictions
  • Integrates perfectly with western techniques, procedures, and surgeries
  • Pre or Post Surgery sessions greatly speed healing.
  • Improves team chemistry
  • Helps athletes play in the Cosmic Zone™
  • Creates a team of cosmic champions



Quantum Sports Medicine™

To be the best you need a special advantage. Quantum Sports Medicine (QSM) is the secret advantage that helps you become the healthy and true champion you are meant to be. Quantum Sports Medicine™ (QSM) is an emerging brand of sports medicine - because you're a different kind of athlete aren't you? 

Sports programs determined to win and repeat have to include mind-body medicine for athletes. We offer non drug-based, non-invasive, non manipulative, safe, highly intuitive work with proven results.  This is for athletes who want to do today what the rest of the crowd will be doing in ten years.  Welcome to this new and emerging way of working with athletes. It's simple and profound. The most up-to-date for injury prevention, injury healing and sports nutrition makes QSM the elite healing modality for the elite athlete

Quantum Sports Medicine™ goes beyond the physical part of your injury. Injuries that are recurring, in particular, MUST be treated with mind-body medicine for lasting results because the recurring injury goes beyond the physical. Quantum Sports Medicine ™ is based on our proprietary techniques, plus our gentle blend of mind-body medicine, BEMER technology, ancient Chinese medicine theory, neuroplasticity, psycho-neuro immunology, quantum physics, quantum biology theory, Consciousness, intuitive medicine, and the best care for you - the elite athlete.

Here's How

Every cell in your body is imprinted by your thoughts, your emotions and your experiences. To heal we must acknowledge that. When you use Quantum Sports Medicine™ the healing is long lasting. And your performance improves too!  


Quantum Player Development™

Quantum Player Development™ (QPD) is our proprietary version of player development. It improves sports performance in athletes of all levels. It goes beyond what teams currently use - and can be seamlessly integrated into current practices. Think of it as a new dimension in player development. We blend intuition, body, mind and Consciousness techniques, plus over two decades of wisdom and experience gained from coaching elite athletes to help you be better than you ever believed you could be. QPD improves players' intuition, improves on and off the court/field performance, mental toughness and stamina, and improves team synergy dynamics. It includes a very unique approach for each athlete.

We specialize in helping troubled players something we've had great success with. Athletes leave their QPD™ sessions reawakened to their greatness, with a plethora of information, tips, and tools that'll keep him or her on the path to becoming - or repeating - as a champion. We do mistake-response training and help you move quickly out of slumps or low points. Your body and mind have an infinite intelligence that are capable of many miracles on and off the field. We reawaken that!
Quantum Player Development™ - or QPD - is unique for each athlete. We help you play your true best - awaken your intuition, and help plant the seeds to awaken your inner champion. 



Sports Consciousness™

Blending sports, science, and Consciousness. = Quantum Level Mastery. Think of it as Mindfulness in a new dimension. This is the level above mindfulness. We take athletes through the four stages of Sports Consciousness™ (SC). The four stages are a concept that helps athletes see where they are and where they want to go. If you're open - think of it as a metaphysical technology. It's part of the advanced form of Quantum Player Development™. Being at a high level of Sports Consciousness™ helps you perform in practices and games in a way that puts you way ahead of the competition. Sports Consciousness™ creates sustainable champions...repeatable championships...Cosmic Champions.

Sports Consciousness™ is the magnificent playing field - it's the zone - infinity squared. It's the cosmic zone™. Few will reach it. It's that place where your best plays begin to come through you - instead of from you. When you access the higher levels of Sports Consciousness™ you go beyond the garden-variety zone that mental coaches work with players on. You win more and win easily. You repeat as a champion and it becomes who you are. It's the best you. 

12RitualsforChampions (pdf)


Sports Visioning™ The Cosmic Athlete Worksheet (pdf)



Quantum Sports Medicine™


Learn seven techniques to help athletes *balance the brain *deal with stress better, *hydrate *clear the mind *enhance intuition  and *improve coordination. 

This class is a one-day experience that'll change your life and your health and prevent injuries.

This is a great class for sports science professionals, sports performance professionals, coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists and sports massage therapists. 

Lecture plus practical

Quantum Sports Medicine™ 2


A two-day class to help physical therapists, athletic trainers and personal trainers begin to understand and practice this type of healing modality. 

Lecture plus practical

Accessing The Cosmic Zone™


With this class, learn how to operate on your alpha brain wave pattern, thereby entering the alpha state The real zone. Plus, we will help you with your specific sport so you can play better than ever before. This is a one day class. Life changing. $450 per person. 


Take your ability to access the zone further for your sport and across all aspects of your life. This is a two day class. Life  a good way. 

$750 per person.


"Coach Laura is a special person with a unique gift for helping athletes. Her work is hard to explain. But it works"

                                                -- SHAQ

"Coach Laura's healing work is phenomenal. She got me from stuck in a chair with severe knee pain to walking the sidelines."


                              -- Bernie Bickerstaff

           NBA Coach and Scout and GM

"Coach Laura has that special thing and  very unique healing gifts that will change an athlete's life and career." 


                                           -- Clifford Ray

                               NBA Big Man Coach

           NBA Champion, Boston Celtics                                         Coaching Staff

"Laura Mitchell has a unique & dynamic approach to "sports performance" & in promoting healing related to sports performance injuries.  She specializes in rehabilitation - connecting the mind, body & spirit.  Worth investigating."  

                                -- Coach Ben Johnson

                             University of Portland 

                                     Men's Basketball

"Coach Laura has a game-changing approach to player development, player performance, and player's injuries."

                                            -- Dee Brown 

                                        Former Player

                                         Boston Celtics

                    Exec Director, LA Clippers

                 Integrated Development &                                                 Evaluation

"Coach Laura's Work Can Change Lives and Helps Athletes Play Better."

                      -- Michael Cooper, LA Lakers



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Custom programs integrate Consciousness & mindfulness with player development.

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Coach Laura works with committed teams & athletes who desire innovative means of achieving excellence in mind body and spirit in sports and life. 

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About the Founder

Coach Laura Mitchell Wilde

Coach Laura is a Sports MetaPhysician™ and an elite mental performance coach in the NBA and for MLB players. She specializes in helping players improve their sports and mental performance and health.  Coach Laura is the creator of the Mitchell Institute for Sports Metaphysics. Coach Laura created Quantum Sports Medicine™ in 2009,  and Quantum Player Development™ in 2011. These modalities are unique, intuitive and ground- breaking approaches to health and peak performance for athletes. 


  • Author: Quantum Sports Medicine
  • Author, The Cosmic Champion
  • Creator, Quantum Sports Medicine
  • Creator, Quantum Player Development™
  • Founder, MISMp
  • PhD in Natural Medicine (2019)
  • Ivy League Cert from Columbia University in Sports Industry Mgmt.
  • Advanced Level BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP)
  • BodyTalk Access Instructor
  • MindScape Instructor Trainee
  • Former NCAA Head Basketball Coach
  • Former Univ of Calif Admissions Counselor
  • Founded Sports Dreammakers Inc.
  • Sports Medicine Nutrition Certificate
  • Two-Sport Standout NCAA Athlete
  • PCA Sports Ethics Fellow
  • Certified Health Coach, IIN
  • BA, English
  • BA, Holistic Health Sciences

Coach Laura was a standout two-sport athlete in high school and college. Then she was an NCAA Head Basketball and golf coach. She has also been a high school basketball and volleyball coach, leading her first-ever volleyball team to clinch the league championship and she led all of her HS teams to playoff berths. Coach Laura's experience includes being a boys and girls club basketball coach, and a  University of California Outreach Admissions Counselor. Coach Laura was an NCAA Committee member and was a co-founder for the Cellular South Gameplan - a half million dollar project that improved the eligibility status of thousands of student athletes in Mississippi and in the southeastern region of the US. 

She was named a Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Fellow by the PCA and has been an Assoc. Trainer with the PCA. 

Coach Laura is a lover of science, a researcher and a trained and advanced, certified practitioner of mind-body medicine, quantum holistic medicine, BodyTalk, and more.

Coach Laura's clients include elite athletes of the NCAA, NBA, and NFL and professional ballet dancers.

As a coach she used techniques that some thought were too far out. Nowadays they don't seem too far out. She had players shoot free throws mentally. She had players take ballet, yoga, and meditate before games. In the early 90s...son...;)

She also used team rituals, intuition- building games, positive thinking, affirmations and visualization with her teams to bring out the best in each player. Realizing she was only scratching the surface of human performance and development for athletes, Coach Laura left coaching to pursue her love for a new kind of sports medicine and to create this new field of Quantum Player Development.™

Laura raised a professional dance athlete - her son, Adrian Blake Mitchell - an up and coming world class ballet dancer who belongs to a ballet theater company in the world mecca of ballet: Russia.

For more info view Laura's Linked in profile by clicking here. 

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